Meet the Band



Donna Cambra
Misty Eland
Natalie Fincher
Diane Lerma
Dianne Miller
Hilary Minor
Judy Tapparo
Nancy Tyler
Elyce Osterman


Frank Bowers
Joel Butler
Ralph Cohen
Chase Cohen
Jesse Cobb
Greg Herrick
Gary Johnson


David Massie
Barry Smith
Dominic Duri

French Horns:

Bruce Blakie
Paul Booker
Paul Needels
Don McAllister
Debbie Young
Matt Wallace


Bob Benson
Mel McKinney
JuneLee Saler

String Bass:

Jim Demartini


Michael Cobb
Ken Collins
Erica Dori
Killian Lemenager
Shannon Moorehead
Gabe Nicholson
Douglas Pile
Nate Pile
Jon Saler
Linda Schmidt
Gary Young

Bass Clarinet:

Deb Weber


Dale Amtower
David Brandt
Paul Deas
Dan Derham
Dave Gilbertson
Stu Matlow
Chuck McCormack
Claire Mello
Peter Zagami


Jim Brennan
Stevie Dixon
Joe Duri


Quinten Cohen
Tim Ellis
Nicholas Hodson
John Natelli
Max Rosenthal
Cole Vakassian


member bios (in progress!)

Ralph Cohen.jpg

Ralph Cohen

Ralph Cohen and his wife Susan moved to Santa Rosa in the Spring of 2016, after having lived in Palo Alto for nearly 40 years.   After the Tubbs fire  Ralph and Susan moved to Alexander Valley, where they are currently living while they  rebuild their house in Santa Rosa.   Ralph spent his career  on the faculty at Stanford University, where he was a  Mathematics professor. He has played the saxophone since he was 10 years old.  He played in concert/symphonic bands at the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago.  He played in stage/jazz bands at the University of Michigan, the University of Chicago, and Stanford University.  During the last 25 years he played mostly with small jazz combos in Palo Alto,    playing occasionally at coffee shops, wineries, and office holiday parties on the peninsula.  He was thrilled to join the Healdsburg Community Band in the Spring of 2018.  In addition to the HCB, Ralph also plays with the Windsor Jazz Ensemble. 


David Brandt

David Brandt grew up in the East Bay town of San Lorenzo. He played trumpet throughout Elementary school into college and actually abandoned his trumpet in 1975. Married to a fellow educator he met in the Cal State Hayward Teacher Credential Program they raised 3 lovely daughters. He made his career in teaching at the elementary school level, first in San Lucas, CA for 5 years and eventually finishing with Santa Rosa City Schools at Biella Elementary -from which he retired in 2016. In 2010 he joined the Healdsburg Community band and slowly regained his ability to play. Eventually he also joined the big band the Windsor Jazz Ensemble and its smaller combo Life After Forte. Dave also likes to paint, golf, brew beer, travel, cook, work in the yard, and enjoy his growing family.


Quinten T. Cohen

Quinten T Cohen has played over 60 musicals in the Bay Area over the last ten years. Some of his past productions include Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Boxcar Theatre), The Rocky Horror Show (Ray of Light Theatre), Next to Normal (Spreckels Performing Arts Center), Hands on a Hardbody (Lucky Penny Community Arts Center) and West Side Story (Summer Repertory Theatre). Aside from theatre, he is a multi-instrumentalist and composer, playing with various ensembles as well as producing solo work such as albums, film scores and video game music. You can hear his music online at


Ken Collins

This is me at age 30 in 1985. Doesn’t it just scream “BAND GEEK”? I was teaching band in Rialto, CA to 5th and 6th graders and trying to make it sound like BAND was the coolest thing any kid could ever want to do before puberty sets in. Reagan was president and his wife Nancy was telling kids to “Just say NO!” …go figure…


Joseph Duri

Born and raised in California… I began my musical ‘career’ in Woodland, playing coronet, in elementary and jr. high schools.  When my family moved to Lake County, Lower Lake High needed Low Brass help, so I picked up baritone horn, transitioned to bass clef, and graduated into trombone.  I enjoyed playing in a small dixie/big-band, as well as marching, jazz ensembles, concert bands, and musicals.

I went on to pursue music at Santa Rosa Junior College, graduating with a business degree. At Sonoma State University, I put my horn away to focus on my true career. My horn stayed in the closet for 25 years, as I ‘didn’t have time’ for music. I was persuaded to join the Healdsburg Community band, and learned to ‘Make Time’ for music. 

I love playing with this talented group, and look forward to our weekly rehearsals. I’m currently Tubist with HCB, as well as Trombonist with the Windsor Jazz Ensemble. I encourage anyone who played in high school, and/or college, to dust off that instrument, and make time for music. Come join the Healdsburg Community Band… It adds fulfilling balance to your life.  


Stu Matlow

Stu Matlow joined the HCB trumpet section in 2016, when he and his wife Denise moved to Healdsburg from San Francisco. He was an avid musician in his teens and 20’s, including study at the Cleveland Institute of Music. He stopped playing for 40 years to pursue a career in journalism, public relations and advertising, mainly in the biotechnology and analytical instrument industries. He found the HCB the perfect environment to rebuild music skills after such a long layoff.

Linda Schmidt

Linda is a retired Florida attorney who splits her time between Tallahassee, FL and Santa Rosa, CA.  In Florida she plays with the Big Bend Community Orchestra and the Tallahassee Winds.  She very much enjoys playing with the Healdsburg Community Band when in California.

We're still learning how to properly hold our instrumentS!

We're still learning how to properly hold our instrumentS!